Stat Cart

Don’t forget to check the stat cart
This is a warning I ask you to take to heart.
Check check and check again
This will save lives, that’s very plain

An Ode to Ativan

Oh Ativan an ode to thee,
Without you we would not have such glee
Thanks to you our patients snooze
Now it’s no longer like a hundred zoos

Too Much Stool

Old people are fun to learn from and I love their laughter
However, they aren’t always fun to clean up after
With a toot and plop the bed is messy too much for a mop
It’s like a river. It never, stops.

Clots Nil

Stop don’t start, the clot isn’t smart
It cant run it can’t hide, it only comes apart
by way of shot or pill, in its death it turns nil


Scrub Your Hands

Scrub scrub at your digits
dirty hands give us the fidgets
So clean those fingers please well and good
And stop C diff from spreading in food

Wash your Hands

Wash wash wash your hands
for uncleanliness we shall not stand
Once, twice be sure to scrub them thrice
Please don’t allow them to spread any lice

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