How to use my Poems

I ask that you include the ‘’ with any of my poems you use, to give credit where credit is due and support my site.  Please include my URL with the poem itself.  You can of course make the URL text smaller than the rest, but seriously making it 4 font isn’t the spirit of what I am asking.  Something legible to someone in their 20’s is ok with me 🙂 .

If you do this, you can freely use my poems for posing in hospitals, on posters for school, for poster boards, in powerpoint for school or teaching or anything/anywhere else you can think of.   I still however, retain the rights to my poems.

Feel free to share my poems via Twitter, Facebook, email or in print.  Please tell your friends about a poem you find entertaining both to entertain them and spread the word about 

If you cannot include my site ‘’ with any poems you use, then please don’t use them.

Have fun, hopefully you find something useful and maybe a laugh,


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