Very Intractable Headache

Wow, your headache sounds so overpowering!

It stops you from doing anything but cowering.

You know a solution you say?

This solution will help make your headache go away?

What’s that?  Caffeine doesn’t work, nor Toradol or Tylenol

You say that you have tried it all?

Oh I see! The only thing that works for you is Morphine!

That makes sense, I see what you mean.

Just make sure to visit the ER weekly for treatment

We don’t want you to miss your perfect attendance achievement!

Too Many Complaints!

Oh my!  If you have one more problem,
My anger will truly blossom
Are you here for a rash or a sinus infection!?
It’s hard to tell even with my great detection!
So if you come to the office again
Please keep you problems plain
So I don’t go insane
And pop my forehead vein

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